Game Consoles History and Basic Information

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Video game consoles have come a long way, and as technology gets advanced, the games also get better. However, the different games took time before they could be available to gamers, and the following is a look at the game console history.

One of the commonest game consoles is the Marnavox Odyssey, and it was first released in the year 1972. This game is actually regarded as the first home video game console, and was designed by Ralph Baer, who had a working prototype completed in the year 1968. Suffice it to note that the prototype used is known as the “Brown Box”. Unlike most console games, Odyssey is one of the games that is analog, instead of digital, and this has made it a popular one with most people. Besides, it is powered by batteries. This is a silent console, and it lacks sound capabilities.
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Is It Safe to Play Online Strategy Games?

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Most of us have computers or we have smartphones and tablets that act like computers. Most of us like to play some type of PC game and yet we have to wonder if it is safe to play online strategy games on our devices? You hear so many horror stories about identity theft and things of that nature happening because people got their information hacked while they were online that you are scared to try these downloads.

The truth is that you are perfectly safe playing the majority of the online strategy games. There are some precautions you can take to make certain that you are safe though. The number one precaution that you must take is to get antivirus software that you trust and have it active on your device before you begin to surf the internet.
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Tips and Tricks for iOS Game Development

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iOS Games are rapidly getting attention from game lovers around the world. Everyday numerous games are introduced for variety of Apple devices like iPhone, iPad and iPod. Such plethora geared up iOS Game Development in past few years.

Developing a game for iOS is quite an exciting but attention seeking process, as it requires iOS game developers to understand their target audience expectations and deliver game which not only engage them but also become source of entertainment for them. If you are taking baby steps in iOS game Development and wish to start your career in game development with bang, then this article could be life saver for you! Below I tried to list out extensive tips & tricks developers can use to make effective and engaging these games.
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Four Tips for Keeping Kids Safe While Playing Online Games

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Kids are playing online games from very early ages. This means they are not always able to have the judgment they need about many things. The internet world is often not a safe place to be. This is sometimes true of sites that offer kids games online. We want to let our kids have freedom to enjoy things, but we also want to keep them safe. There are some tips to follow for ensuring their safety.

With the proliferation of games and their use, it is imperative for a parent to be aware of their children’s activities and take measures to keep them safe online. Many predators realize they have easy prey at children’s sites, and take advantage of that fact. The anonymity they are able to preserve make it harder to prevent their having access to these vulnerable children.
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More Information About the Nintendo Wii Sports Games

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The famous console Nintendo Wii has been known worldwide for its specialized Wii remote that takes the form of sports equipment in the Nintendo Wii Sports Games package. This attempt at immersing the player into a virtual reality has attracted thousands who are interested in the novelty. With more and more sports games being developed, the Nintendo Wii Sports Games are broadening its scope from baseball to fitness for everyone in the family.

The Nintendo Wii Sports Games come separately for each different sport. In a website called Ciao!, games such as Tony Hawk’s Downhill Jam, Sega Superstars Tennis, and Madden NFL 07 all specialize in their corresponding theme sport. Here you can compare prices and read the reviews to see if which game is interesting and which are actually pathetic attempts in patterning to a real sport. The experience is of playing Wii sports with customized remotes makes this product an interesting buy and is designed for everyone in the family to enjoy.
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